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Types of juicers

I’ve decided to make this little guide because of the one occurrence I’ve been seeing way too often nowadays.

The occurrence I’m talking about is people usually buying kitchen appliances that are way overqualified for the job they need them to do. So, they spend much more money than they really need to and end up with a product they won’t be using to its full potential; not even near it. I’ve started seeing this way too often and I’ve decided to put a stop to it, at least in my chosen field. When I say my chosen field I mean juicing, of course.

There are a lot of really fancy juicers out there that can really earn their meal inside your kitchen, but you have to figure out for yourself what it is that you want to do with it exactly. If all that you want is making a glass of orange juice than you don’t need all that super expensive machinery at all. You can buy some cheaper model and be on your way. If you own a business and you sell juices, than you might actually consider taking one of the more expensive models. It’s all about context, and people somehow seem to miss that quite frequently. If money is not an issue than by all means, go for it; but something tells me it will be, as it is with me every single time so I don’t think I’m quite that ready to burn some good cash on something I don’t really need and I don’t intend on using all that much.

Now that we got all that sorted out, we can start introducing you to the juicing world a bit. I’m about to show you some of the juicer types so you can learn a bit about them and make a fully informed decision on what type of juicer is the best juicer for you.

Centrifugal juicersCentrifugal juicers are the ones we’ll kick the things off with. Why are they called centrifugal, you ask? Well, that’s because they use the centrifugal force to make your favorite beverage. They feature a blade to chop up all the produce and then they spin it the same way you washing machine spins you laundry to get the water out. That’s basically the entire principal behind this type of juicers. You can think of them as little washing machines but instead of getting the water out of your laundry, they get the juice out of your produce.

Masticating juicers (or slow juicers) are newcomers when it comes to the world of juicing. They are new in this mix, but they’ve proven to be pretty effective so far. One gear is what they have or one bladed auger, which basically crush any fruit or vegetable and reduce it to pulp releasing the juice during the process. This was proven to be one of the best ways for ending up with more juice and drier pulp.

Masticating juicers

Triturating juicers (aka twin gear juicers) are definitely what you want if you can afford it. They are top of the line among juicers on the market and have proven their superb performance over and over again. They do the juicing process very slowly, preventing air from penetrating into the juice. They yield the highest amounts oh juice and leave the pulp bone dry. They preserve the nutrients best and don’t cause the juice to form foam.

Best Paul Mitchell Flat Irons

best Paul Mitchell flat ironBest hair straightener is that ideal we’re all aiming towards, but it can prove itself pretty tricky to catch at times. Today we’re dealing with reviews of some the best Paul Mitchell flat irons and hair straighteners.

There’s no need for me to talk about the company all that much since the name is well-known in the hairstyling circles. The bearer of the name is no longer with us unfortunately, but the very people he founded the company with are still there, running things. The company started operating in early 80s, and for it to still have the same management certainly fills us with sense of safety and confidence in the brand.

I’ve read a lot of hair straightener reviews preparing for this article on top of having my own level of expertise and I think I’m ready to do some good research on what’s a great straightener made by Mitchell. I won’t make you wait or anything like that, trying to create a build-up of tension and such; I’ll show you what I’ve got right off the bat. Paul Mitchell Protools is what definitely takes the cake here, according to both my personal opinion and hair straightener reviews the users were kind enough to post online to help us out with making our final choice. Paul Mitchell Protools is a line of various hairstyling products, but we’re only interested in the best hair straightener here, so we’ll limit our interest to that.

Paul Mitchell hair straightener review

The whole purpose of this article is to get the brand a bit closer to the average shopper and disperse that mist of feeling you could never afford a professional quality flat iron. We live in an era where quality is very much affordable by a home user, and you don’t have to rush to the salon every time your need a complete straightening or just a few simple touch-ups. Investing that money in a professional iron will save you money in a long run, and you’ll have the complete control to do whatever you like and experiment with your hair limited only by your imagination and creativity. After reading this, you’ll know that affording a Paul Mitchell hair straightener is not at all that big of a deal. You’ll pay a bit more, yes but you’ll a product that certainly qualifies for the best hair straightener not only within Paul Mitchell portfolio, but also the market as a whole.

Let’s go over a short review of my product of choice and see if that just might be the best hair straightener for your personal hairstyling needs.

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Style

After reading so many hair straightener reviews and filtering them through my own personal knowledge on the matter, I’ve come up with this pick to put in front of you.

What makes this product the best Paul Mitchell flat iron in my opinion?

It features ceramic plates, which are known for giving great results without being to hard on your wallet. The edges are beveled and not sharp, which I personally very much appreciate.  It’ll heat up to a salon-quality temperature of 400 degrees in under a minute, and it’ll also allow you to adjust the temperature according to what your hair really needs in order to get completely straight. Temperature adjustment is a great option and it simple baffles me how some reviews declare certain product as the best hair straightener without even having the option to affect the level of the heat it dishes out. If your hair is very fine, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. This Paul Mitchell Protools offspring is one of the safest irons out there, paired with an exceptional quality.

Hair straightener reviews that I’ve read online state that the users really enjoy the fact that you can also make some amazing curls with this gadget. Waves are also a possibility, so you pretty much get three different styling tools at the cost of one. Of course, we know for a fact that any hair straightener can do all those things, but very few of then can do them well, and that’s exactly where you should look for a difference between your best hair straightener ever and some tool that turned out to be nothing more than wasted cash.

Victorinox multi tools and their top rated models

Victorinox pocket knives and multi tools have been around as long as I can remember and probably as long as my grandfather can remember.

best Victorinox multi toolsWe, multi tool enthusiasts like Morry Banes and I know the brand very well. We know it as a brand that maintains quality standards like no other over decades and one that makes some of the best pocket knives and multi tools out there.

With a commitment to the long-standing tradition behind them, these Swiss guys have really deserved their good standings.

So, we won’t be loosing much time trying to introduce you to the brand. I’m sure even those of you who are not all that much into Swiss Army knives and multi tools have definitely heard of the brand and can recognize their logo anytime and anywhere.

If you really want to know more about the brand and their history, you can browse through their website but that’s not what this article is supposed to be about.

We want to get specific and talk about their best products

My mind is already starting to swirl just thinking about it because if you are by any chance a collector, you can understand how hard it is to pick from the whirlpool of choices.

Opinions will always be different, some people will have memories with their Climber sidekick so deeply engraved they wouldn’t want to hear anything about any other tool being better.

I know because I’m also guilty as charged when it comes having favorites. So, instead of singling out one particular multi tool, I’ll talk about a few of the most prominent ones. I do have my favorites, but singling one out is not something I’ll be able to do.

Victorinox multi tools

Having said that, here a few of their best-sellers:

  • Victorinox Swiss Card
  • Victorinox Swisstool
  • Victorinox Spirit
  • Victorinox Explorer
  • Victorinox Spartan
  • Victorinox Climber

Yes, we’ll cover them all. Not in great depth, but we’ll point out their major strengths and, if we can find one, their weaknesses.

My initial plan was to write an article about one Victorinox multi tool or the company as a whole and leave it at that.

I wanted to cross-reference a bunch of user reviews with my personal experiences and come up with a reasonable argumentation why the one tool better than all the others.

As you can probably see, I’ve pretty much failed at that.

It’s just too difficult of a task. It’s not that I can’t do it, I can, but I know that I would end up mind-boggled with my choices.

The sweet memories of times gone by

The surprise of the Swisscard

I remember seeing Victorinox Swisscard for the first time. I thought to myself they’ve finally lost it. A Victorinox multi tool shaped like a credit card, come on!

That was a bit much, even for me. I believed they should have stayed faithful to their traditional shapes and designs. That lasted up to the moment I got my hand on one of these cards.

Little did I know how handy that little thing really is. Featuring so many useful little tools, it became indispensable in my life. Just be careful on airports, they tend to frown upon people carrying anything like this and trying to board a plane. They’ll take it away, to be exact.

The, steel nostalgia of the Swisstool

Victorinox Swisstool is a shining example of what the company is all about. I love this little guy as it got me out of many a jam over the years. It has a respectable range of useful tools, all featuring the recognizable quality of the heavy-duty materials.

This thing is one of those tools that “got me” at first sight. I own all of products listed, don’t get me wrong, but the feeling of reliability of the other tools mentioned doesn’t even come close, if I am being honest.

Three honorable mentions

Victorinox Explorer, Spartan, and the Climber are all a bit more rugged-looking tools. Although rugged isn’t exactly a word that does justice to any of these tools since they somehow manage to pull off an elegant and sophisticated look no matter how heavy-duty the tool is.

2 home-made recipes for a healthy hair

Hey girls! Today I’ll give you two simple groups of tips on how to take care of your hair. It’ll be a very short article, but the info will be worth it.

I’ll show you some quick and easy ways to treat your hair if it’s damaged (heaven forbid), and I’ll also give you some great ways to make your very own homemade shampoo.

healthy hair

Let’s waste no time and start tackling the important issues here.

Treating your damaged hair

There are a lot of ways and recipes that can help you restore your hair’s beauty and breathe in some life into it. I’m about to give you ones I’ve actually tried and had more than satisfying results.

Deep conditioner avocado hair mask – one half of your average avocado mixed with one mayonnaise jar will do wonders with your hair. Just mix it all up and start working with it from the roots and all the way down to the very ends. Wrap it up with something plastic or just put your shower cap on and you’re good to go.

Mayonnaise treatment – One half of your tea cup of mayonnaise will be all you’ll need for this procedure. Just work it extremely well, cover it up, and wait for around 15 minutes.

Olive oil to the rescue – 3 tablespoon of olive oil combined with 2 tablespoon of honey is the perfect mixture for damaged hair. Thoroughly apply to your hair; keep it covered for 15 minutes and that’s all there is to it.

These tips will work on all hair types without any sort of risk, and this includes those with sensitive scalp.

Making your own shampoo

Shampoos you can buy pretty much everywhere are so filled with all sorts of chemicals they’re hardly even worth it any more. These are the recipes I’ve tried since I’ve decide to go natural, so let me share them with you, see if you like any of them.

Miraculous baking soda – 1 tablespoon of baking soda mixed with a few drops of your favorite essential oil will make a beautiful paste with enough water, and you’ll have yourself a great natural shampoo. It’ll take some time to get used to it, but it’ll be worth it.

Chemical-free natural shampoo – One fourth cup of distilled water mixed with some castile soap and a half teaspoon of jojoba oil is what we’re talking about here. You can also use some other oils as well.

5 tools no real man should be without

We’re here today to build your new toolbox from scratch!

If you’re having second thoughts about which set of tools would be best for your everyday house repairs or whatever you’ve set your mind on doing, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll give you a couple of basic tools that’ll turn every single job into a simple breeze. No job is difficult if you have the right tools is my motto, and I’m here to share those right tools with you.

This article is intended to be pretty short and straightforward, so let’s get straight to business.

Screwdriver set

A good set of screwdrivers can go a long way in proper hands.

There is no numbering the amount of work these bad boys can do, from menial jobs such as opening battery compartments that are child-proof and prying lids off of some paint cans to some way more serious tasks every household will inevitably throw your way.

You’ll want Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers in all various sizes.

Screwdriver set

Claw hammer

Solid hammer is bread and butter of every toolbox.

One side will be used for driving nails in, the other for pulling them out. There’s not much philosophy about it, but if you can, you should definitely go for vinyl, plastic, or rubber handle since they’ll offer much more shock absorption.


Adjustable, locking pliers are one of the most versatile tools you’ll ever have the honor of having as a part of your regular toolbox lineup. They’re also known as lever-wrench pliers, vise grips, or plier wrenches.

They can be used as a lot of things, wire cutters, wrenches, clamps, and much more.

Adjustable wrench

Crescent, adjustable wrench is almost as having a box of different wrenches, all packed into one compact tool. I’m always advocating packing less weight and more versatility and usability, and this wrench is a perfect embodiment of that rule. It’ll weigh as one wrench in your toolbox, but it’ll do the job of so many more. Perfect addition to your toolset if you ask me.

Adjustable wrench

Tape measure

Did you hear that saying about measuring twice before cutting anything? Sure you did. That only illustrates how important your average tape measure is for great many of your daily activities. You can also use it for making sure your new-bought furniture can fit its designated place, and many more tasks.

My Opinion on Best Brands of Hair Straighteners

Hair StraightenerThanks to the world’s general obsession with social media, it is right now at the height of its popularity and there are fashion, beauty and styling tips pouring in from all over the world. Everywhere you look there’s a new trend, a new look, a new vibe.

One thing that will never change though is the crowning beauty of your lovely hair – we women love to swish it, style it, pamper it and men love to run their hands through it.

I personally think that nothing beats a healthy head of smooth straight hair. It looks clean and you look like you are taking care of yourself. But knowing what you’re doing is crucial if you don’t want to spend hundreds on a hairstylist. The essential here is choosing the right products, the right hair iron or curler, the right heat protectants and creams. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur because I finished none other than the Paul Mitchell School of beauty. So I am the do it myself type of gal. In the process I found one website to be particularly useful in choosing the best hair straightener. It’s a website by this British darling Mila Whitley where she tests, reviews and compares hair irons.

Keeping our hair at its finest is can be a major concern, and it is an issue for meaningful consideration.

  • Which hair product to use?
  • Which conditioner for silky smoothness?
  • Which, mousse, spray or cream for sleekness? How do I get that shine? What on earth in are the women in the hair product ads using?

Getting and keeping your hair straight (and doing it right) is no walk in the park, it can get frustrating. Those curls are gorgeous, but maybe you want something more manageable for those early mornings when you rush to work, or maybe you just want to try something new.

We all do!

Hair Straightener

Getting your hair under control is always rewarding (who doesn’t love a good hair day?), but what can be tiring is the endless search through magazines and the internet for opinions and answers on what will really work for you.

Search no longer! Today the hair gods have smiled and we have compiled a thoroughly researched list of the best hair straighteners available in the vast hairstyling-product market today. We’ve read all the reviews (to spare you the trouble!) and present them here for your appraisal. Sit back, put those feet up, and enjoy!

As we know hair comes in all types and what may work for one type of hair may not work for another, so we have listed what we have found to be the best brand for the type of curls you may have:

Best hair straighteners for thick hair:

The Rusk RSK732 Titanium-Infused Flat Iron has got sparkling customer reviews for being the best hair straightener they have tried (and they have tried many!). It has just the right amount of heat to get, and then keep your hair straight. What more could you ask for?

If you’ve got those gorgeous curls and waves:

The CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron has been voted the best iron for curls and waves by your lovely curly-haired friends out there. Apparently, it works magic! And who are we to argue?

If you have trouble with coarse hair (don’t feel bad, we all do sometimes!):

The Bio Ionic Onepass hair straightener, is armed with silicon covered plates, something new which reduces the amount of heat you need to use and leaves your hair sleek and shiny.

Wet-to-dry hair straightener:

We all have those days we need two-in-one, good, quick action, and for that the Wet-To-Dry BaByliss Pro Titanium seems to have taken home all the awards! This nifty hair iron will do the job for you all in one go.

Hair straighteners – the brands and their best representatives

We’re moving on to general advice on good brands for hair irons now. These brands have performed well in reviews over all hair types and have created a lot of happy customers!

  • Rush Professional STR8 Iron Infuse with CTC Technology – Customers and stylists alike have described this as one of the best hair irons for all hair types.
  • Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron – Not only is this brand great with frizzy hair, getting it all under control with its super-heating properties, it is also great value for money due to its durability, adjustable temperature, versatility and life-span.
  • GHD Gold Professional 1″ Styler – Though I am not personally a fan of 1” stylers, this one seems to be a huge favorite on the market. It will heat up impressively fast, transform your hair almost instantly, and it pretty lightweight to use (we all know about those aching arms!).
  • Remington Frizz Therapy Iron – With an average rating of 9.0 across the internet, this iron has won the hearts of its owners with its 30-second heat up time, and additional features such as the swivel cord and the lock button, conveniently making sure the temperature doesn’t change so you can straighten your hair in peace. This iron is also quite easy on the wallet!
  • Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron- The iron that seems to have walked away with the most satisfied customers and best reviews, though, is this one. A temperature that soars up to 450, lightweight, both a curler/crimper and flat iron, the Babyliss is handy with stray hairs and has a smooth, cushioned design, so you don’t have to exert too much pressure when you clamp down. This iron hasn’t been recommended for straight or fine hair, due to its high temperature, but for curly hair, it seems to be the best option all round.

In closing, I’ve compiled a list of the best budget (low-cost) hair irons. These little beauties are easy on your purse as well as “heavy” on customer satisfaction:

  • HSI Professional- This is dual voltage, so it can be used anywhere in the world. There are 3 models, 1 inch (with digital read), 1.25 inch, and 1 inch (without digital read). The heat on all models ranges from 140-410 degrees Fahrenheit. The wide array in temperature makes it usable both for fine, and thick coarse hair.
  • Conair Infiniti Pro – This iron also comes in 3 sizes: 1 inch, 1.5 inches and 2 inches. This little heater goes up to 446 degrees and should have no trouble smoothing out your locks.
  • Remington S9500 – Made for home and salon use, this iron comes in only a 1 inch size. The plates are pearl-infused (how lovely does that sound?) which makes for smoother, sleeker hair than just ceramic plates would produce, and no snagging on this one. The heat is also very easily adjusted and consistent, and the heat up time is the fastest out there on the market – only 15 seconds! Hard to beat, right? The rounded body also makes it easier for styling and giving body to your hair.

So there you have it, a handy list of the best brands the hair-straightening market can offer you! Whether you have fine, straight hair that just needs a bit of a helping hand, or long, thick curls, there is something in here for you.

I hope you find your perfect match. Both your hair and you! :)